Baby Billips

No Show Shower for Lee & BJ Billips
Thank you so much for “showering” our growing family.. especially during these uncertain times. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate this.. (and how little we know about baby clothes!) If you see something we’ve missed feel free to go off the registry list!! Thank you.. thank you.. thank you.. from the bottom of our clueless hearts!

And look forward to celebrate at the sip & see when all of this is over!!!

Name Price Qty
Angel Dear - Chicken Lovie $15.00 Already purchased
Angel Dear - Elephant Lovie
Color: Blue
$15.00 Already purchased
Birdie Canvas Footprint
Color: Pink
$34.00 Already purchased
Little Giraffe Luxe Blanky
Color: pink
$44.00 Already purchased

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